Ostwal Group History

Milestones Timescale
In the early 90’s, the Nasik housing industry was finding its feet in the housing sector and I was also looking for my upcoming challenges in life. It was the beginning of a new thought and my first business in the respective field. I joined forces with the Maharashtra Housing Finance Corporation for Housing Society Management to see if we could turn numbers into actual figures and take advantage of the emerging opportunities. This led the foundation of Ostwal Housewell and my first work was the registration of the Housing Societies in the region and to provide financial aid to the members with the help of MHFC to the needy members. As any group needs to be changing with time so was our organisation prepared for timely upgradations. In 1998, we laid the foundation for our new firm ‘’Ostwal Realtors’’, which looked into Real estate developments in the city.
Our two firms, Ostwal Housewell and Ostwal Realtor offer property buyers and sellers at every point on the ownership and / renting spectrum, wide range of services which are needed on every legal aspects of due course of time. At Ostwal Group, we pride our selves on our team efforts. We are one of those companies which give the best personal attention to our customers. This enables us to run our projects more efficiently and maintain better quality control.Prior to the start of any project or case, a schedule is developed to guide the progress of each phase of the work. This enables us to deliver our project and legal matters within time.