Vision And Mission

Distinguished for the most lucrative, innovative and beneficial project in the region, Ostwal Group looks forward for a brighter future as it continues to expand its operations and diversify its portfolio. Our Mission is to maximize returns, satisfy all the needs of the clients and build sustainable growth that is based on long term planning while adhering to high standards, and social responsibilities. In 1988, Ostwal Housewell started acting as Housing Society Consultants, while 2000 witnessed the launching of Ostwal Realtors a firm well known for Land Developments. Since then, Ostwal Group has positioned itself as a leader in both the fields. Our vision is to be a leading company with the best in class real estate investments, whether developing our own land, or providing development management and marketing services to others, we aim to create quality living environments for present and future generations. In short, the work we do today determines the soul of a community in the future. Our vision is to develop liveable and affordable lands with unmatched efficiencies and uncompromising quality that would make customers dreams a reality. We take pride in the reputation we have developed over the years and with each new land sold we put our reputation on the line. In creating quality living environments, we recognize that truly ecologically sustainable development is that which meets the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs.
A Vision beyond the Horizon:
Ostwal Group Pvt. Ltd. is an integrated Real Estate and Housing Management Company engaged in the supply of quality and trustworthy services in land development and housing society managements. Established in 90’s, privately held Ostwal Group is India’s top Housing Management Consultancy firm and pioneers in Land developments having presence in major cities of Maharashtra. The company is one of the most profitable players in the region and the largest by volumes in terms of society and apartments registrations. We have been dealing with housing managements since 1988, and are now recognized as one of the top housing consultants in the region. Currently, we specialize in major sectors such as Land developments and Housing Society Managements, which are covered by our subsidiaries, namely: Ostwal Realtors & Ostwal Housewell.