About Ostwal

That philosophy of creating value every step of the way was the Company's signature focus when Mr. Ajit Ostwal registered his first society in the Nasik area over three decades ago. As the Company grew from a local housing consultants & developers, to ultimately the largest Housing Consultants in the region, that philosophy has never wavered.Today, Mr. Ostwal and his teamcontinue to demonstrate its leadership in Housing Consultants and Developments through innovation, superior service and responsiveness to the needs of its customers.The simple vision that began over 30 years ago represents years of value and security when you choose Ostwal Group to make your dreams come true. At Ostwal Group our most valuable distinction is our people. We are committed to fostering a culture of inclusion and diversity, bringing together a talented mix of top performers from a wide range of industries, backgrounds and experiences who flourish in their careers at Ostwal Group.


Ostwal Realty adheres to the following guiding investment principles.
  1. Persistent focus on delivering Real Estate Developments in supply-constrained markets to secure exceptional returns for our partners;
  2. Securing and continuing partnerships with our investors and the wider property industry to exploit maximum returns over the short, medium and long term;
  3. Planning and delivering high quality real estate developments which actively contribute to their neighbouring area; and
  4. Adopting and upholding the highest morals of business governance.
As a leading real estate investor and asset manager, Ostwal Realty is the parent company of a range of affiliates who work with our financiers, banks, property specialists and real estate agents to identify opportunities across all real estate sectors. As part of our holistic approach with our investors and partners we consider how we can maximise the returns on each identified site. This includes the creation of bespoke strategies to secure planning consent, to build out the development, sales and future asset management. The Company operates both as direct property developer and provider of real estate consulting services throughout the whole property development cycle. We provide top level and high value added services in property management, consultancy and due diligence by delivering on time, within scope and budget. We support our clients in identifying financially advantageous development opportunities by evaluating and assessing every aspect of them.
Our scope of services includes: Market research, Feasibility studies, Investment Analysis, Legal-technical consultancy services and Property managements. Whether you are an investor/developer, public sector or private individual, we can assist you in your commercial or residential real estate projects:
  1. Find a suitable site for your business
  2. Sell some of your assets or an entire portfolio
  3. Identify new investment opportunities
  4. Look for cost optimisation in your portfolio
  5. Increase the commercial value of your property assets
  6. Look for a new home, office or landur commercial or residential real estate projects:
We can help you to sell or invest in all types of property, including:
  1. Residential N.A. Plots
  2. Private Land
  3. Offices
  4. Industrial layouts and parcel of land
  5. Retail and shopping centres
Ostwal Group is one of a select few construction companies in Cyprus & Greece
to hold a first class state licence for Technical Project Development.