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With over 50+ Builders and 300+ societies under our belt we are the only end-to-end solution providers for all your Society queries

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Ostwal Consulting is a unique and one stop solution provider for all the Housing property concerns consulting you on the accounting of the society expenses, maintaining the Co-Operative Audits and legal consultation regarding the society matters which includes the Registration of the Society and Apartments, Conveyance for Co-operative housing societies and Builder fraternity across Nasik. For more than 25 years, we have worked closely with renowned housing societies and established builders in Nasik to provide best in class services to our clients. With over 50+ Builders and 300+ societies under our belt we are the only end –to- end solution providers for all your Society queries. Ostwal Consulting leadership team has decades of experience in society related issues. They work closely with the execution team to make the journey of client fruitful.

We provide complete compliance management services right from society formation to every day maintenance requirements. Our services portfolio and customized engagement models allows our customers to save money and time by automating several key accounting processes and helps avoid last minute mix-ups.

We have been working closely with government authorities and co-operative sector officers to ensure that we are aware with latest government regulations. We provide services for society formation, registrations, accounting, auditing, management consulting & conveyance matters across Maharashtra.

We have now ventured in redevelopment process and provide consulting services to society and property owners. We guide you through the complete process of redevelopment, including negotiating with government bodies on special requirements.

Vision & Mission


To bring in harmony and happiness in social life of people where they live.

Our vision is to make life of people peace full and joyous in the societies they live in, by educating them and providing best in class services.

Core Values

Our core values define who we are and how we strive to achieve our goals. It is a reflection of the culture and outlook we follow towards our clients and employee's.


We take responsibility upfront. Our endeavor is to bring social harmony to all our stakeholders through our efforts.


We strive to provide efficiency across all our services and process. We believe efficiency brings across discipline, innovation and accuracy which helps benefit both our clients and employees.


We bring transparency across all our services and internal policies. We believe a transparent system helps nurture trust and faith for a long lasting relationship.


Each person brings a unique set of talents. We are committed to discovering what those talents are and encouraging them for their mutual benefits.

Our Clients

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Our Services

When you employ the services of Ostwal Consulting, you will benefit from the knowledge and expertise of a company with nearly 30 years of in-depth experience.

Why Society Registration and Formation is necessary?

A co-operative housing society is a legal entity, usually a corporation, which owns the real estate consisting of a group of residential units/buildings; it is one type of a housing occupancy. They are a distinctive form of home ownership that has many characteristics that differ from other residential arrangements such as single family home ownership, apartment or renting.

The housing co-operation is a membership-based, with membership granted by way of a share purchase in the co-operative. Each shareholder in the legal entity is granted the right to occupy one housing unit. A primary advantage of the housing cooperative is the pooling of the members’ resources so that their buying power is leveraged, thus lowering the cost per member in all the services and products associated with home ownership.

Establishing an authorized society is of most importance as it assists society proprietors to reap boundless advantages and to keep up proper functioning of the building. Also under MAHA-RERA It has become mandatory for builders to make society and give a last handover to the flat/apartment unit owners.

We, at Ostwal Housewell, provide you with society registration and formation and further management consultancy services which helps you at each progression of co-op housing society formation, right from beginning. We take care of all the legal difficulties involved in the formation and registration of the societies or apartment and do the necessary negotiations with developers if required. Our 30+ years of experienced group can help you with the total procedure with no hassle.

Initial discussion or profiling of the case :

It all begins with a group of keen and eager people in the building/s, usually having something in common, binding the group together. This could be issues that you are all concerned about or any legal matter or any kind of hindrances in your daily routine. The process involves face to face meeting with the members of the society or the builder / developer of the building/s and to identify their requirements. In the initial phase the work model is decided and accordingly a channel is set up on how the work should proceed. This is the most important step of the work as this decides the nature of the work.

Process documentation and finalization

Process documentation of the society records supports the process itself. Process documentation is not about writing a final report, but about an internal ongoing documentation of the process during the execution of the work. It is cooperation between the members, builders and we as consultant helps to reflect analyze and improve the process. The process for the work and the charges for the same are then finalized by one to one discussion with our representative and an estimated time period and costs are then calculated depending upon the nature of the work.

A comprehensive range of services

Delivered in a highly professional, personal and discrete manner, our comprehensive range of in-depth professional housing managementconsultancy services includes:

  • Accounts and Audit Management
  • Society / Apartment Registration & Handover
  • Redevelopment Consulting Services
  • Maintenance Managements
  • Entire Legal Documentation related to all kinds of property (Residential, Commercial, Industrial, etc.)

Accounts and Audit Management

We manage the Financial Statements of societies by deploying adequate accounting procedures. As government recognized auditors, we help prepare Financial Statements and carry out necessary Statutory Audits.We give end-to-end book keeping accounts and auditing services for Co-op Housing Societies, Apartment Associations and Residential Townships. Our clients include Co-op Housing Societies, Apartment Associations, and Residential Townships. Right from data entry to the generation of financial reports, our dedicated team of accountants and legal advisors help you streamline your process. We provide bookkeeping and review administrations to more than 350 Co-Operative Housing Societies and Apartments in the Nasik region. This includes verification of account balances, passing adjustment journal entries, preparing trail balance, preparing Profit & Loss Account and balance-sheet for the same period, etc. This helps to give a clear picture of the financial performance of the society/apartment during the year and to give the financial position of the organization at the end of the year.In view of our wide experience we have recognized specific administrations for every general public under the Accounting and review administrations. These administrations help you keep up documentation for statutory reviews.

  • Co-operative Accounting
  • Managing Income and Expenditure Accounts
  • Formation and Maintenance of the Receipts and Payments Account
  • Annual Balance Sheet
  • Cash and Bank Book Reports
  • Quarterly, half-yearly and Yearly Demand Bills generation

Statutory Documentation

Preparing and updating Share Certificates, Committee & General meetings Proceedings, I and J forms, Share registers, ledgers & transfer register, Nomination & Investment registers.

Redevelopment Consultancy Services

Redevelopment is the new and energizing way in the constantly developing and dense city development. It creates a win-win circumstance for both the developers and property or society owners. While property / society owners pick up the advantages of significant growth, the developers on the other hand enjoy the benefit of developing in the prime localities for their esteemed projects.

The Redevelopment Project surely brings in innumerable benefits, and they also revamp the area while benefitting the existing and new owners. However at the same time every unit owner has a lot of questions and legal formalities to be followed. With lack of knowledge and proper guidance many societies get trapped in flawed and undervalued proposal and lose their valuable properties.

To handle these worries, government has made obligatory to name a Project Management Consultant for tasks under redevelopment. Ostwal Housewell acts a Project Management Consultant for Redevelopment projects and help society and property owners guide through the complete process. We help individuals comprehend the how, what and when of Redevelopment process. Our administrations settle every one of the legal formalities and worries which one may face and guide the members and property owners or developers through the legal process hassle free. With a team of industry specialists and legal counsellors, Ostwal Housewell has effectively finished various Redevelopment processes of different nature in the Nasik region.

Dispute resolution

Dispute resolution generally refers to one of several different processes used to resolve disputes between parties, including negotiation, mediation, arbitration, collaborative law, and litigation. Dispute resolution is the process of resolving a dispute or a conflict by meeting at least some of each side’s needs and addressing their interests. We use our skills and experience to skillfully handle any kind of dispute that may arise between the society members or builder by using resolution strategies which include fostering a rapport, considering interests and values separately, appealing to overarching values, and indirect confrontation in the favor of our client.

Solutions are just a phone call away when experts are running your society. We run societies on behalf of the committee. Running a society requires full-time commitment and expertise in different areas like legal, housekeeping, accounting and overall planning & management of societies. You can outsource entire society management to us. Submit a Service Request for quotation.

We work very hard to make everything easier for you. In addition to our services, we also help setup local groups for elderly citizens, conduct events for kids and celebrate festivals. This brings togetherness at society and also helps improve security, thus helping in achieving better quality of life. A stronger neighborhood not only improves property value, it improves each neighbor’s life.

Security is top priority for us. Having manned gates along with security cameras helps, but is not adequate. Security involves everyone working and living at your housing or commercial complex. We take careful measures while hiring employees and verifying new tenant at the society. It’s all about implementing the right precautionary measures. You can achieve greater secured environment by implementing simple steps.

One word can change the impact legally. It's very important to have all documents worded correctly including the monthly committee meeting minutes. Better be safeguarded legally. Get your society online for free. Take advantage of technology in society management, socialize, accounting and bill collection. Meet people you live with, manage events, buy-rent-sell-donate, form local groups and many other exciting features. Housing society accounting module is free for housing societies.


  • Manage Users
  • Invite Members
  • Manage Units
  • Society Rules
  • Society Documents
  • Vendors
  • Email Broadcast
  • Society Enquiries
  • Edit Society Website
  • Society Permissions


  • Groups
  • Open Discussions
  • Polling
  • Classifieds
  • Photos
  • Event Calendar
  • Notice Board
  • Complaint Box
  • Useful Contacts
  • Member Directory


  • Bank Accounts
  • Vendor Accounts
  • Member Income
  • Non-Regular Income
  • Penalty Charges
  • Create Invoices
  • Bills & Receipts
  • Edit Transactions
  • Balance Sheet
  • Reports

Why Choose Us

So feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements with one of our representatives and start the process of finding your dream property today.

Ostwal Consulting is the right partner of choice for societies providing a one stop solution for all their society challenges. With over 25+ years of experience and working with more than 300+ societies, Ostwal Consulting brings the right set of services and methodologies to carter the needs of their customers. We at Ostwal Consulting provide end-to-end conveyance services to societies including execution of Conveyance Deed, Deemed Conveyance, and Deed of Apartments. We work closely with co-operative societies and government officials and make sure the complete process is hassle free. With our team of legal advisors and professional approach we have delivered conveyance deeds for more than 200 Housing Societies across Nasik. We guide our clients through the complete process of transferring builder’s rights, allocation of additional space and finally establishment of society rights, as per the law.

Our consultants have been running societies for 18+ years and can help you document and follow the rules. Having right documents not only help today but safeguards the committee and society anytime in future. While most members are reasonable, some are not. Better be safeguarded legally. Get your society online for free. Take advantage

of technology in society management, socialize, accounting and bill collection. Get your society online for free and evaluate yourself.

We have ventures with more than 100 developers in the region which helps us with complete the process seamlessly. We use our cozy relationship with the builders/developers to solve any discrepancy that may arise in the process. We specialize in Society/Apartment formation of single building or large townships, maintenance of the societies/apartment and Auditing of the same.

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So feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements with one of our representatives and start the process of finding your dream property today.